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In Office

We understand that a big part of having the smile you want is to have whiter teeth.

To help you get, and keep, your teeth the ideal shade of white we use the internationally renowned KöR Whitening System.

This process involves one to two office visits. During the visits, we will make molds of your teeth so that we can create a set of thin, form-fitting, and comfortable KöR Whitening trays.

Once you have the trays, over the next two weeks, you will fill them with a patented bleaching gel and wear them while you sleep.

A final in-office whitening session will give you a smile to smile about.

At Home

We offer the advanced Day White whitening system which features a Cool Mint flavored gel that is worn in a comfortable mouthpiece for 10-14 days. The Day White advantage is that unlike most at-home teeth whitening systems that require up to eight hours a day, this system works in only 30 minutes twice a day.